| this is overdose
*not a spoilers-free blog*
glenn rhee is everything to me
i love kdrama's and exo (✿◠‿◠)
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currently watching: the moon that embraces the sun

i’m just really happy that exo exists my day is always better because of those 12 dorks

Anonymous said:
Yes!! My best friend recommended u!!

omg that’s so nice of her

Anonymous said:
Keep ur blog how u want it. I personally followed bc my friend was like "look this girl likes exo and steven just like u!" I love ur blog with both u___u very rare.

wait someone recommended you to me??????? 

Anonymous said:
I liked ur blog better when u didnt post about exo

well that’s too diddly darn bad

Anonymous said:
Yes change it to kaiiiii(: that beautiful child

i’m searching for a good pic of him from the showcase

should i change my icon to kim jongin?

i think i should change my icon to kim jongin

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